Strategic Objectives

Our overarching objective is to improve outcomes for all pupils.  In order to achieve this, we have identified strategic milestones for all our academies.

  • Outcomes, in terms of progress from starting points, for all pupils exceed national averages
  • The progress of the most disadvantaged pupils is in line with their peers
  • The progress of pupils with SEND is in line with their peers
  • The most able pupils are stretched and challenged to achieve their potential
  • Graduates of Trust academies are well equipped for their next stage of education or training
  • The quality of teaching in all academies is good or better
  • Assessment is robust, consistent and supports excellent progress in all academies
  • Safeguarding procedures including the PREVENT duty is outstanding in all academies
  • A toolbox of strategies ensures effective safety procedures and positive behaviour for learning in all academies
  • Expand our team of centrally employed professionals (Speech & language therapists, Education Psychologists, Art / Music therapists, emotional literacy therapists…) to work alongside health colleagues to ensure individual barriers to learning are addressed and all staff across the Trust are trained to meet needs.
  • Further develop existing collaborative working strategies such as: peer reviews, peer support, project developments etc
  • Develop our Teaching School Alliance to:
    • provide focused support through National and Local  Leaders of Education (NLEs and LLEs) and a team of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) for Trust Academies and the wider Poole education community
    • provide a broad Professional Development offer to Trust schools and beyond
    • develop leadership capacity by identifying and developing talented teachers and potential leaders
    • provide leadership experience and opportunities across the Trust to support career progression
    • provide a pool of talent for Trust schools and beyond through recruitment to ITT programmes, a returning teachers programme and NQT programmes
    • engage with Borough of Poole Local Authority (Standards Board), Poole Schools Association and other Teaching Schools to support school improvement
    • engage in action research to support innovative, evidence-based practice
  • Continue to review our MAT governance structure to ensure it remains effective as the Trust develops and supports the accountability process
  • Continue to review membership of the Trust Board to ensure that we have the appropriate balance of skills and expertise
  • Continue to review the strategic leadership structure to reflect MAT development

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